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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  July 27, 2014 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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media buzz with howard kurtz is up next and we all wish you a happy sunday. good evening, everybody. russian-backed rebels have shot down two more aircraft over eastern ukraine. as you can see on your screen now, the burning remnants of what were two ukrainian fighter jets. ukraine's city council determining the aircraft were shot down just to miles from where the malaysian airlines flight mh-17 was brought down. and the separatist group, the donetsk people's republic, has claimed responsibility. the russian-backed fighters also claim they've killed one of the two pilots and they are hunting for the other. the ukrainian defense ministry today said that missiles were fired from russia that took down
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those two aircraft. the claims come just hours after senior intelligence officials confirmed to fox news that russian separatists are still receiving air defense training, tanks, rocket launchers and other significant technology and armaments from russia. those officials also say russia has given the rebels plausible deniblt, supplying the very same weapons the ukrainian military uses. the u.s. state department today delivered its strongest condemnation to date of vladimir putin and now blame him for all of the carnage that has taken place in eastern ukraine. >> these russian separatists who we strongly believe fired this missile would not be there operating without the support of president putin and the russian government would not have been trained without the support of president putin and the russian government. they would not be there doing what they're doing, period.
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so they could fire a missile without the support of president putin and the russian government. >> the former president of georgia knows personally many of the principals in the region, knows firsthand what vladimir putin is capable of. he is among our guests tonight. and coming up, secretary of state john kerry struggling in the administration's effort to negotiate a cease-fire agreement between israel and hamas. the terrorist group flatly rejecting any agreement until israel opens the gaza border crossings and disarm. for his part, secretary kerry seemed to put asides history and a sense of responsibility for the now more than two-week-long conflict. he put the hamas terrorists on alert with these remarks. >> we had a good conversation about how to take further steps and we're doing this for one
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simple reason -- the people in the palestinian territories, the people in israel are all living under the threat or reality of immediate violence. and this needs to end for everybody. >> we'll be talking with former world bank president, former deputy defense secretary tonight. we begin tonight with ukraine. my first guest meeting with ukrainian leadership who said they requested radar jamming and detection equipment from the united states just last month, for more on the crisis in ukraine, i'm joined by president of georgia from 2004 to 2013. currently senior statesman at tufts university, fletcher school of law and diplomacy. good to have you with us. >> thank you for inviting me. >> let's begin with the request from the ukrainian government of the united states, seeking far more than the mres and tires
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that we have supplied to this point. what is the feeling of the leadership in kiev? >> well, i think ukrainians are fighting for the existence of their state. but it's also not that's their fate, it's the fate of europe that's at stake, europe is risking big deals. they might get millions of refugees, huge trafficking zones and all sorts of disasters. also the credibility of the western world in general, including the united states. and the ukrainians need assistance. they need political support. they need sanctions, but primarily against russia. they need some hardware as well. >> the idea that the united states and particularly the obama administration isn't forthcoming with that kind of aid, that kind of assistance to a democratically elected government and an important power within the region, what is
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the application, in your view? >> it's a great tragedy. i think it's a game changer now. my wife was going to the same conference where these people were going. this is the world organization of contagious diseases. they were all taking this plane. she decided not to go. but lots of good people died. it's a tragedy of big dimensions. and indeed it's a fight against terrorism. i'll tell you two short stories. first in 2007, john mccain and the congressional delegation came to see our local separatists. when they left, the congressional delegation, these guys shot at one of those helicopters back then, already in 2007. by the way, mccain warned about
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putin all the time for all these years, not that many people would heed his warnings. i think everything he was saying turned out to be right now. the second -- there was a russian operative inside the territory. operating a terrorist ring. he ordered people to blow up a juncture -- they attacked on political parties. and this question went so far that president obama had to raise it with russia at the summit. but basically what it was, it was an official state acting as a rogue state, because that's what it is. and basically we have precedence of them officially sponsoring terrorism, being part of terrorism, leading it, planning the attacks. but it went too far this time.
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so this one should be a game changer, from my point of view. >> if it is a game changer, it is one that's occurring in almost silence from european leaders. there seems to be no urgency. there seems to be no outrage. there have been voices of support for ukraine. but a muted response at best from europe, which is protest proximate and which has the greatest interest in the outcome of the ukrainian conflict with the separatists. >> yeah. imagine what would happen if russia's plan succeeds. that would mean millions of refugees, huge traffic -- violence spreading all over the place. and russia going further. final goal of putin is to blow up nato, undermine the atlantic alliance, undermine the free world. it's all about values that are at stake of europe. europe is not only -- is failing to act.
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and it's always acting too late and too little with all the sanctions. europe basically -- france, namely -- is doing outrageous things. in the midst of this horror, they are trying to sell a battleship that could easily take over my country of georgia, the other parts of ukraine which are still not under russian occupation. how can one in the 21st century do such a despicable act of coura encouraging an aggressor? that goes beyond something i can personally comprehend or any normal person can comprehend. >> when you ta about europe, we don't talk often about france or germany with any specificity. we don't even speak of the european union because it is a government that seems to embody
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few principles when it comes to foreign policy and has no clear global voice. so if we are to depend on europe, the cause is lost. who has the greatest influence over the ukrainian future, aside from the ukrainian people and their leadership? >> i think the world right now is looking at the united states, as always traditionally, for leadership. i think there is tremendous potential that america has. i think some of the steps already taken, we're in the right direction because america was the first one to really target sects of russia -- this is like a big petrol station. russia is a huge, corrupt, o oligar oligarch.
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if the west tries to give them access to other things, access to financing, if the western world really goes after the assets and basically also can freeze -- because they don't keep it in chinese yuans. they keep it in dollars, all the stolen money and euros. and vladimir putin's own daughter lives in netherlands, the country whose citizens he -- they basically murdered. so this is not north korea. i haven't seen many iranians -- >> i think it's important to remember that russia is not north korea and that vladimir putin is a clever and to this point highly successful leader of not a regional power but a global power, given the warheads that sit atop those missiles. so my question to you is, is there sufficient capacity within
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the leadership of the united states, therefore, to actually move to confront the russians and to halt their ambitions militarily if need be? >> well, i would argue that with all the things you said about putin, there was a certain moment where he was acting from his aggressive point of view in a very cunning and maybe in his own smart way. but since the last several months, i think that's committed a large number of blunders. he created the whole country which is a huge country -- the largest country in europe. he got carried without -- if people had done something about crimea, ukraine -- if they had done something about this -- meanwhile putin got carried
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away -- >> i understand your view that he has blundered here. but i think we all have to acknowledge that he now controls crimea. and his forces still are on the eastern border of ukraine and he may be the determinate force in how this resolves. >> he's a leader of highly inefficient and very vulnerable regime. so if the western world led by the united states applied proper sanctions, if they help ukraine to fight back and ukrainians are very heroic and capable of fighting back, i've been there, i've seen the soldiers. some of my friends are there -- >> the ukrainians are acquitting themselves very well in their conflict with the russian-backed separatists. but the question here is not the quality of their leadership or the fervor with which -- and their patriotic defense of their country. the question is now, the
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strength and the willingness of u.s. leadership to assert itself in ukraine. >> it's right now a front line of freedom and all the values that made america so strong. so it's really high time to stand up. i'm sure lots of people in washington, especially in america, all understand that. and america has to lead europe. i think eventually what will happen is better sooner than later because time is running out. i think in the end, putin will break his neck. but it might cost the world a hell of a lot of pain. and we want to avoid that. we are dealing with a situation where values are at stake. and they are a global power but they're a global power in terms of making problems. what will happen with the american allies in japan, in the philippines? if borders don't mean anything anymore, people can go and grab just any island because russia's created this precedent.
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it's about pragmatic principles of international law which made america also strong. i think in the end, everybody has to act and bring their forces together. >> and we hope that your confidence is well-placed. this president leaving open the question of his regard for -- >> i've talked with a few senators on the hill and they understand it. >> mikhail saakashvili, former president of georgia. thank you, sir. >> thank you. there may be turmoil in the middle east and rising tensions with russia certainly but president obama has no public events on his schedule as of right now. that is because the president spent the money raising money for democrats in san francisco and los angeles, part of his three-day west coast fund-raising tour. the optics of the visit, not likely to help, dwindling poll numbers for the president. new fox news polls out today show just 42% of voters now approve of the job he's doing. that compares to 52% who
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disapprove. when it comes to individual issues, the president's approval rating is under water on each of them. the president getting his worst rating on his handling of the mideast conflict, immigration and foreign policy. particularly bruising to the president, a poll that shows nearly seven in ten voters don't agree with the administration's claims that they are the most open and transparent administration in history. we are coming right back. hamas says no to another cease-fire proposal. hamas rockets still hitting israel as the secretary of state arrives on the scene. former deputy secretary of defense paul wolfowitz next.
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over the course of the past 24 hours, more than 100 hamas targets have been hit by israeli defense forces. hamas has rejected another cease-fire proposal and says it will not accept a cease-fire proposal that does not include the lifting of the gaza blockade. we are joined now for more on the conflict, former deputy secretary of defense, former world bank president, paul wolfowitz. pau paul, good to have you here. >> nice to be back, thank you. >> hamas is being punished severely every day, yet rockets by the hundreds still fall in israel. what is to be done? >> i think this is going to have to go on a while longer unfortunately. and hamas raised the stakes and made it very clear that this is a strategic interest to israel.
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it's significant that even israelis on the mistakenly labeled left who are very critical of the netanyahu administration on its settlement policy, for example, are rallying behind the government on this issue. it's uniting israelis. and i think, frankly, the u.s. should be taking a very streer, strong stand that hamas is responsibility. >> hamas is responsible which seems as though it should be clear to everyone who is witnessing what is happening in gaza, in israel, and the sequence and order of events. but at the united nations, this is an extraordinary organization. the head of the human rights council saying that there is evidence of human rights violations, war crimes, voting 14 of 47 states abstained in a vote against that resolution. only the united states vote
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against it. this is becoming a maddening, bizarre and absurd organization in its politics and in its votes, is it not? >> i agree with you accept i'm not sure i'd use the word becoming. i think it's been this way for a long time. i can't remember whether it was iran or libya that was the chair of that human rights body, which was a farce. and i think the fact is if the united states takes a strong stand in support of israel's security, we're going to be criticized, we're going to be in the minority. but i think it has to be done. and frankly i think the american willingness to do that on behalf of israel also has a positive influence, for example, a country like japan that's not taking such a stance itself but hopes the u.s. will be strong in their support in the future. i think it's important for american leadership. >> ambassador john battlen on this broadcast last night questions openly the decision on
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the part of the united states government for the faa to halt flights to ben gurion airport, flights to tel aviv, and implying very clearly that he saw it as a political statement on the part of this administration. your response? >> i don't know. i don't know what the faa rules are. obviously there is a safety issue which they have to take seriously. but it does remind me that landed with deputy secretary of state lawrence eagleburger in israel in 1991 when the airport was under rocket attack. at that time, the rockets were coming from saddam hussein. and the united states was on the ground with air defense missiles, helping to protect israel, clearly in support of israel. and by the way, by being clearly in support, we had, i think, extraordinary influence on the israeli government. today, i don't think the israeli government is going to care very much what president obama or secretary kerry. i think they've discounted us very strongly.
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the egyptians, if anybody, are the people with influence. >> and there is some irony in that as this administration was not particularly supportive of the new sisi government, insisting that the muslim brotherhood be entertained as a participant in that government and was rejected. your thoughts about egypt's leadership and the likelihood of being the honest broker in any negotiation of a cease-fire, should it come to that at some point? >> i think they can play a role. i think there has to be some change on the ground one way or another. and i think it probably unfortunately means more people dying, until hamas really has been set back. interestingly, it almost appears as though part of what hamas is trying to do is having sort of sidelined itself by deserting its former ally in syria and its backer in iran. they're kind of left adrift and
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homeless because their friends in egypt, the muslim brotherhood, were thrown out. so i think they're trying to put themselves on the world stage by what they're doing. but i think it's very important that that effort not succeed. >> paul wolfowitz, always good to talk with you. thanks for being here. a government investigation exposing potential for rampant fraud and abuse in obamacare. undercover investigators from the government accountability office say they were able to sign up for obamacare health coverage and subsidies using fake names and fake documents in 11 out of 18 efforts. those subsidies amounted to on average about $30,000 a year. up next, bill clinton, a republican presidential campaign operative, that's one of the revelations in the new book "clinton, inc." the author will explain here next.
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new comments on the white house's sudden decision to cancel a planned appearance on jimmy kimmel's late-night show on abc scheduled originally for tomorrow. why is the president's canceled appearance on late-night tv worthy of our note? well, in part because it's the only perceptible change in the president's schedule despite the russian missile that downed malaysian flight 17 and despite the widening conflict in gaza as israel's defense forces strike at hamas terrorists who have fired at least 2,000 rockets into israel over the past two weeks. that's right. golf was not dropped from president obama's schedule, neither were planned fund-raisers. so why drop kimmel's show? listen to white house press secretary josh earnest today explain why. >> we ultimate ly elected not t have the president do that interview over the course of
7:29 pm
this trip. that is at least in part related to the challenges of doing a comedy show in the midst of some of these other more serious matters the president is dealing with on the international scene. >> that might make for jarring optics which might mean the president is directing our government from the situation room or the oval office. but, no, the white house is dealing with the crises in both ukraine and gaza in a more, shall we say, detached and less proximate manner. president obama's schedule for the next several days reflects his priorities, which apparently don't change much despite geopolitical developments and military conflict. the president's clear priority, based on his scheduling, is political fund-raising. that's why the president right now is in seattle, the first stop of his three-day west coast fund-raising swing, we'll call it, that could raise more than $6 million for democrats.
7:30 pm
that's why the president went ahead with fund-raisers in new york last week after the downing of malaysia airlines flight 17. that's why the week before, the president raised cash in austin, played a little pool, drank beer in denver, rather than fly to our southern border to witness firsthand the flood of illegal immigrant children trying to cross into the united states rather than meet hardworking american citizens at the border whose lives are being disrupted by the waves of illegal immigrants crossing that border. a border crisis the president called a humanitarian crisis. the white house wouldn't mind if the american public were led to believe the president is making some concession to the dangerous times in which we all live. but that would be a misperception hard to sustain, given that this weekend the president was partaking in his 182nd round of golf while in office. and i wouldn't begrudge mr.
7:31 pm
obama his round of golf, certainly the presidency is demanding, after all. demanding much of those who take on the immense responsibility of preserving and protecting our great nation. putting in long hours each day and during the stress that accompanies great responsibility, meeting each great test of a president's stamina. but i do begrudge him the fund-raisers. i would hope the president might take those off his schedule in such times as these, not for long, of course, nor would i expect him to lose too many opportunities to raise lots of money because he's been able to attend only about 400 fund-raisers since he became president. as i said, the presidency is demanding. we'll be right back. up next, the lectures our allies, issues threats to our enemies.
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what is the president thinking? a leading psychiatrist with the answers next. x÷÷÷÷÷÷÷÷
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our word of the evening selected in part because it is so appropriate. but also to salute our guest tonight. the word is dereism, a psychiatric term, mental activity defined, that is absorbed in fantasy, lacking any connection to the external world or reality. for example, a president who issued empty threats to other leaders, an example of dereistic thinking. joining us to give us a perspective and a psychoanalytic perspective is dr. keith ablow, a psychiatrist, member of the fox news medical "a" team. great to have you here. >> pleasure, lou.
7:36 pm
>> this president saying things to president obama about grave consequences, further isolation, if you don't do what you're told -- he seems compelled to make these statements even though he must surely understand two things can happen, one, no effect, and secondly, there can be a response that would be unpleasant for the president and for much of the world? >> yeah, grand statements to vladimir putin saying there are terrible consequences to come. but here's the thing, if you're not willing to exercise american power, not really because you have severe misgivings about the good that america has done in the world, so you can't really marshal our resources behind your words, then they're empty words. and people see through that, especially people who, like him or not, he didn't get to be the leader of that nation for no reason.
7:37 pm
he's a strong fellow and he can play a chess game himself. and if he realizes, this guy can't stand behind his words because he doesn't really believe in the american agenda, then he's free to do what he wants. >> in foreign policy and an adjunct of foreign policy is what's happening at our border because it involves citizens of other countries as much as it involves our inability or our unwillingness to security this border with mexico. we are watching a president who's known about -- the latest reports today as we reported here this evening, this president, his administration knew what was happening with the issuance of the executive order in 2012 which created these children coming across and then it turns out that we're getting reports from our customs and border patrol agency that are downplaying the number of family units that are coming across.
7:38 pm
these are not simply waifs who are coming to our borders. these are families, family units and it's far more people than we were ever told by this administration. >> and, again, if you come to believe that the president has a certain amount of contempt for our borders and our national agenda, you would say, well, what can we predict? well, the borders should open up, there should be leakage across, back and forth. and he can't enforce something he doesn't believe in. so i'm speaking psychologically now. if you believe america, i believe the president does, as a force largely not to the good to the world in the past, why wouldn't you let the borders leak? what are you protecting? he doesn't have that in his gut, that desire to protect, to define, a sense that we have a real destiny on the world stage. how can you convey that?
7:39 pm
you can't to another world leader if you don't believe it. go fund-raise. he's great at that. take the cover of a fashion magazine, show up on late-night tv. this guy's awesome at that because it's skin-deep. it's the top layer. but when you really go to the man's gut, you find out diagnostically, he's not with these people. >> he's not with these people, america. he seems to be with some people that he could not even mention hamas as he urges netanyahu to avoid the consequences of his carrying the battle to hamas targets in gaza. how can that even go through his mind? >> he's tongue-tied, lou, because he only resonates with people he feels are oppressed. and to him, the weaker party is by definition an oppressed party that is more right than wrong. so the fact that israel happens
7:40 pm
to have been successful, happens to have blossomed, happens to be showing their own desire for destiny and caring about their people, this doesn't put them in a category barack obama really feels for. he feels for people who haven't made it, who can't seem to make it. that would be hamas. he's shown his cards. >> dr. ablow, that is to me the most intelligent, convincing, persuasive analysis of where we are with this president and where he is with the rest of the world. and we thank you for sharing it here with us tonight. >> thank you, my friend. >> dr. keith abl the u.s. supreme court said it was constitutional. one federal court says it isn't. another says it is. top attorneys, next on obamacare's future. in new york state, we're changing the way we do business, with startup ny.
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two federal courts issuing conflicting rulings on the legality of obamacare subsidies. you're right, here we go again. joining us to sort it all out for us, two of the best attorneys in the country, elyse wheel and criminal defense attorney archer idell. elyse, what's going on? >> the d.c. circuit came out early this morning saying, we looked at the statute itself and it said, unless you have a state-regulated agency to get the funding from, you can't do it. in other words, obama administration tried to come through and say, look, we really thought the states were going to be involved, they weren't, only about 14 or 16 of them actually signed up -- >> 36 states going away from federal. >> did not sign up. that means everyone who signed up with the federal statute, they're not going to get that tax deduction.
7:45 pm
>> i was going to say, unless you go one mile away. that's the other thing. it's not like this is one court on the east coast and one on the west coast. this is the district of columbia and virginia, they're right next to each other. this shows you how convoluted, complicated this whole mess is. you have six judges and they can't decide -- >> they can't figure it out. we know one thing, that this law is the biggest mess, i think, probably in american history. we can't get a sensible cogent understanding of all of the thousands of pages of this thing. why don't they just surrender and say, we're going to do the responsible thing -- >> because vice president biden said to the president of the united states as he was signing this, this is really big blank, remember that. remember when he did that? >> thank you for breaking back the joy of that moment.
7:46 pm
>> this is the only thing that's his legacy. what else has he got? >> obama's own professor saying, don't bet the farm on this? wow. >> from a legal point of view, when you have two conflicting appellate courts at the same level, that means it is -- >> the supreme court -- if the supreme court sustains this mess after these two courts can't sort it out, then we know it's not just simply this president and the democrats who pushed this through in both the house and the senate. the judicial system itself is now a mess and needs some serious overhaul. >> kagan, one of the supreme court justices, liberal, wrote in other opinions that she agrees with the idea that you can't reinterpret a statute. it's plain, you have to read the language of a statute and say, okay --
7:47 pm
>> how soon will they rule -- i'll tell you, this affects one-sixth of our economy. >> yes, but -- >> affects tens of millions of people's lives. they're going to take their time, aren't they? >> these aren't going away. people aren't going to lose their subsidies right now. >> thank goodness. illegal immigration, i can't tell you how many times i've heard activists for amnesty and open borders saying, just crossing our border isn't a crime. well, i point to the title 8 u.s. code, section 1325, is it a crime or isn't it? that code says it's a crime. >> so it is a crime. >> always has been. >> bush and obama wouldn't prosecute what is a crime. >> i prosecuted myself many, many cases.
7:48 pm
somebody comes in here illegally, they come back again after deportation. i've prosecuted -- that's a criminal charge and they're deported again. >> but no one's getting punished for it. so it's a crime that -- >> two presidents -- >> why shouldn't you come over? why shouldn't you break the law if you're not going to get trouble? >> and people wonder why we are faced with this crisis at our southern border. arthur, grood ood to see you. >> always a pleasure. >> i think the word is resplend resplendid. both of you. it's a big word you two folks. to the quotation of the evening. this quote may be fundamental to the times we live in. it offers an important reminder if we need it. why we are privileged to have this constitutional -- it was
7:49 pm
patrick henry who said, quote, the constitution is not an instrument for the government to restrain the people. it is an instrument for the people to restrain the government, lest it come to dominate our lives and interests. bubba's dilemma, help his wife, diminish his own legacy, sabotage her campaign, maintain his freedom. that from daniel halper's new book "clinton, inc." he's our guest next. you have time to shop for car insurance today? yeah. i heard about progressive's "name your price" tool? i guess you can tell them how much you want to pay and it gives you a range of options to choose from. huh? i'm looking at it right now. oh, yeah? yeah. what's the... guest room situation?
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the "name your price" tool, making the world a little more progressive.
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our next guest details why the clintons reside at the peak of the political power elite and the pitfalls that may await heem them. joining us is daniel halper, author of "clinton, inc.," going on sale today. that's handy. online, in bookstores everywhere. great to have you here. >> thanks, lou. >> bill and hillary clinton. how did they go from the travails and the peak of the elite in this country? >> a lot of people forget that they left in such a cloud of scandal, that there was impeachment, there was the last-minute pardons, the stealing of the furniture from the white house. that sort of thing -- we could spend all show on that. >> not to mention glass spiegel. >> right. now they're threatening to return to the white house. this book tells the story of the past, the present and perhaps some of the problems they'll face in the future. you assert the possible jeopardy that awaits hillary clinton's
7:54 pm
candidacy because of the president, the former president. would he really sabotage her campaign to preserve his own legacy and freedom? >> it's not just based on sort of guessing -- this is a reported book. i've spoken to aides, to people who know the clintons well. and i've come to these conclusions through that reporting. so bill clinton, a lot of the aides who love him and think he's a masterful political genius, he made a lot of -- a series of mistakes in the 2008 campaign. and it was so bad and so frequent that these aides couldn't help but wonder what if bill clinton in the back of his mind doesn't want hillary to be president because becoming president diminishes his legacy. he's the impeached clinton. she is the first woman president. >> and you think that's tough stuff for him to stomach? because otherwise, we're also told he is the one who
7:55 pm
encouraged a reluctant hillary to step forward and to pick up the mantle that he sees as, i suppose, a birthright of being a clinton. >> right, these are complicated figures. the first time i heard this, i didn't believe it either. that's why i asked questions and talked to more people. then you think, bill clinton did cheat on his wife. we all know this. this is public information. perhaps this is another form of cheating on his wife. they say once a cheater, always a cheater. and perhaps this is another, in a political sense, a way of betrayal. >> well, it certainly would be betrayal without equivocation, without any qualification whatsoever. the clintons also -- what kind of president do you think at the end of this would clinton, inc. make? you make it pretty clear, it's an organization as well as an individual. bill clinton famously said when
7:56 pm
elected and going to washington, he said, you voted for one, but you get two. >> right. so i make the case now you're getting three. you're getting hillary, you're getting bill and you're getting chelsea who has taken an outsized and controlling roll in clinton, inc., the money-making political enterprise. >> daniel halper is the author of the fascinating new book "clinton, inc.," available online, bookstores everywhere. daniel, congratulations. >> thanks a lot. >> time for a few of your comments. robert tweeted me to say, why is nobody from either political bent asking why mexico is permitting the long transit of those kids through their country? actually, i've been asking exactly that. bruce in california writes, lou, the world is very unsafe and unstable. and our president stands down and is in idle gear. this is absurd. i think it's worse than that. a copy of my new novel "border war" all to the authors of
7:57 pm
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. neil: stick a syringe in it. the health care law is dead. it's flat lining very fast. welcome, everybody, i'm neil cavuto. never thought i would say this about a government program, apparently they can be killed. here is the trick. only if you let them kill themselves. that is what is happening to obamacare, assisting in its own suicide. confusion over subsidies that might not be legal, enrollies that might not be real and care that may not be affordable. this thing is hanging on a tourniquet. it's not only losing enrollees but the whole


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